རི Ri Guides is a professional mountain and trekking guide service provider. Our base is in the heart of the Himalayas.  Above all our goal is to organise safe and environmentally-conscious mountaineering expeditions and treks. We operate in the mountain regions of India (Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) and the Nepal Himalayas. Himalayan Mountain regions ecosystem is very fragile and more so nowadays. We really strive to preserve this wonderful ecosystem, and leave as much little footprint. Furthermore, during all our trips we try to contribute as much by making conscious and serious effort to clean up the Himalayan mountains.
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We are trying to raise the standards of Mountain Guiding in the Himalayas.

Whether your trip is a mountaineering expedition or a trek, you have the freedom to choose the remote Himalayas or a classic Himalayan adventure. 

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Featured trips for the year 2020:

Mountaineering expeditions:  Nun Mountaineering expedition, Kun Mountaineering expedition, and Satopanth Mountaineering expedition.
Treks and Climbs: Wild Ladakh trip, Majestic Markha trek, Everest Base Camp trek, Kang Yatse II climbDzo Jongo climb
You are safe in our hands.

རི Ri Guides are a group of professional mountain guides and Sherpas. Our team has many years of experience, working in the Himalayan mountains. We use UIAA certified equipments for our mountain climbing expeditions, the best camping equipments and provide good nutritious meals. 

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Our trips are exceptionally coordinated and communicated to you. We also provide customised trips and logistical support.

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