We strongly recommend that you obtain travel and medical insurance with an appropriate service provider prior to embarking on your trip.

We don't provide or sell insurance.

Contrary to rumors, helicopter rescue is possible in the Indian Himalayas.

Do get the correct policy keeping in mind whether you are going for trekking or a high altitude climb.

We would recommend Global Rescue - they provide medical evacuation/assistance only. A separate policy to cover cancellation, curtailment, baggage, personal effects etc would also required for your trip.

You can also check with country-specific insurance options:
UK citizen: UK companies will only cover residents of UK-Ireland.

BMC - the British Mountaineering Council, especially if going to high peaks

JS Insurance - specifically tailored for trekking between 2000-6000m

JS Insurance- mountaineering

STA Travel UK - their premier policy (no winter sports) covers guided mountaineering  with ropes, and trekking to 6000m

Sports Cover Direct - covers trekking to 7000m and mountaineering, and also have top up policies to cover what isn't covered by other insurance

Dogtag UK - cover trekking and mountaineering

Canadian citizens:

TuGo - travel insurance for trekking and mountaineering

US-Canada citizens:

HCCmis.com - for trekking and mountaineering up to 7000m

IM Global - a broad range of options, including for expats


STA Travel - trekking is covered, not mountaineering


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