Nepal Treks

Wild - Cultural - Adventurous - Hinduism - Tibetan Buddhism - Friendly

Nepal is home to some of the highest mountains on our planet and is of course one of the most desired destination for trekking and mountain climbing expeditions. The process of trekking in Nepal is easy in the sense that there are tea houses and lodges on most of the routes. Yet there are still many challenges and most of all, the satisfaction of trekking is in the journey itself and being among the biggest mountain ranges in this world. We will soon create some more unique trips in the coming days.

Everest Base Camp

Khumbu, Nepal                                                                                           

2020 Dates: 01 Nov - 19 Nov


Manaslu Magic

Gorkha, Nepal                                                                                           

2020 Dates: 15 Oct - 02 Nov