There are many ways of paying us for a trip. Please contact us to find out which method is both most convenient and cheapest for you.


So are you ready to pay a deposit? Have you:
  • been in contact with us and asked your questions?
  • booked your international flights (and domestic flights to Leh, if applicable)?
  • read and agreed to the 'Ri Guides Terms and Conditions and Legal document' found on the INFO page?
  • completed and provided us with the Booking and Confirmation form?
  • booked travel insurance?

Now you are ready!


Deposit payment

For our trips we take a US$500 deposit for treks and US$1000 deposit for expeditions. You can find this information in the Terms and Conditions and Legal statement and in the Booking and Confirmation form that would be sent to you.

In order of preference:

From the USA:

  • send through bank transfer.

From elsewhere:

  • bank transfer (but more expensive; send 30% - 50% or full payment to save on fees).
  • credit card payment through PayPal.


Balance payment

From the USA:

  • a bank transfer.
  • cash on arrival (pay 30% - 50% deposit to carry less cash).

From elsewhere:

  • a bank transfer (all fees borne by you)
  • cash on arrival (pay a 30% - 50% deposit to carry less cash)
  • pay by credit card but there is an extra 5% charge (we work on tight margins, and the processing charge is substantial).
Additional hotel nights

These can be paid up front or alternatively locally in cash hard currency or local currency.



If it becomes necessary to cancel your tour, you must notify Ri Guides immediately in writing. Once we receive your notice, cancellation will take effect.

If you cancel, you forfeit the deposit.

If you had paid more than the typical deposit for your trek or expedition:

  • If you cancel more than 45 days prior to the first day of the trip you will receive a 50% refund of your amount paid subtracted by the typical deposit for your trek/expedition
  • If you cancel 45 days or less than 45 days before the first day of the trip, then the full cost is forfeited by you.

The trip price is quoted as a package. No partial refunds or credit will be given for services not used. We recommend that you obtain cancellation travel insurance upon booking. If you can replace your spot by getting someone else to take that seat cancellation charges would be waived completely. You would only be charged the processing fee of 5%.
45 days or less than 45 days before the first day of the expedition or trek, then the full price of the trip will be forfeited.