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I have used Namgyal’s services as a professional climbing guide twice now, once in Ladakh(Northern India) on Mt Kun(7077m) and the other in the Manaslu region of Nepal. I have been very impressed by his level of expertise and professional attitude to trekking, guiding and climbing in the Himalayas. He has a friendly, inclusive and outgoing nature, which makes the expeditions very enjoyable. Namgyal cares about the environment and is also culturally aware which is of great benefit to Western travellers like myself who wish to learn more about the Himalayan culture and way of life. He also takes a great interest in the welfare and interests of the group, so this makes for a great exchange and rapport between everyone. In the Himalayas the environment, conditions and other logistical things are often challenging and can require last minute changes of plan. Namgyal adapts to these challenges and he “thinks on his feet” meaning that he can find fast solutions to unexpected problems if they arise. This is no doubt due to his experience in high altitude mountaineering where the environment can change rapidly. These skills make him a rare and valuable asset to any team expedition.

His knowledge and attitude towards safety in the mountains is excellent. In challenging high altitude environments his experience and judgement are of the highest standards, and I have always felt that our team have been in the safest possible hands with his brilliant leadership skills. He is constantly looking to improve his skills, so any person wishing to make out of his services is guaranteed that he will be up to date in the latest techniques and knowledge.

I consider Namgyal to be more of a personal friend now than just a professional guide, and highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to explore the Himalaya, in any capacity from high altitude mountaineering through to more regular trekking and expeditions. I look forward to seeing him again on another expedition in the near future.

Christian Wilson Sydney, Australia

I was recommending to use RiGuides mountaineering and trekking services as I wanted to embarked on a journey to Everest Base Camp (EBC) for the first time. I believe to this day that I was able to complete and fall in love with the EBC trek is because of Namgyal and his team at RiGuides.
RiGudies has a very client-centred culture; everything they do is to help you get the most out of your trip whether it is summiting a mountain or trekking through beautiful mountains. Their experience and professionalism is very evident in how they operate.
Prior to this trek, I had no knowledge about trekking, the Himalayas and what I needed for the EBC trip. However Namgyal and his team quickly set my anxieties to rest as they provided all the information I needed for the preparation for the trek and the trek itself. They are very happy and quick to respond to your emails, so don’t be shy with your questions.
Whilst on the mountain your safety and your health are of upmost priority to them. I realised very quickly that I was in good hands; when issues arose such as last minuet changes to itinerary due to weather conditions or deterioration in health due to the altitude, Namgyal was always ready with an effective solution. He has a very caring personality and is very intentional with his actions as he genuinely is interested in getting to know you. Yet at the same time he will push just that little bit to help you achieve something you could only ever dream of.
Mountaineering and trekking with RiGuides will quickly feel like you are travelling with a good friend who knows what they are doing rather than just a stranger who is your guide. Not only will you learn about the local culture you might even learn a few things about yourself.
I can promise you that choosing RiGuides for your next adventure whether it be summiting a mountain or trekking through the wonders of this planet, it will be the best decision you can make.
I personally I cannot thank RiGuides enough for the memories, experience and knowledge I have received when I was under their care.
I look forward to my next adventure with them soon.

Peter Huang Sydney, NSW, Australia

Namgyal was my tour guide for the trek to Everest Base Camp in November 2017, and it was a fantastic experience! I’m so happy I was able to get such a knowledgeable, caring, and supportive tour guide. Doing the EBC trek has been a dream of mine for the last few years, and having previously had an eating disorder, I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough. Years ago I would not have been able to do this, and even now I don’t know if I would have been able to finish the trek without Namgyal guiding me. From start to finish, Namgyal and Ri Guides made sure everything was alright with my trekking partner and me. I had a bit of anxiety around the flight to Lukla, my own physical fitness and health, and a previous injury, but Namgyal was very kind and supportive and helped me through that. Trekking days are long and tiring, and they take a lot out of you. Namgyal was able to keep our morale up by talking and joking with us, telling us interesting facts about the Himalayas and the Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan cultures, and giving us really good advice to make sure we had the best experience possible. During the trek I became really sick with a cold and I really struggled on some days. My morale was very low and I often did not want to continue any more. It was only with Namgyal literally taking me by the hand and guiding me to base camp that I was able to accomplish this goal of mine. It really means a lot to me, how much care he put in. He could have easily dismissed me as a waste of time because I was always so tired and unmotivated, but he pushed me to achieve what I thought was impossible. Thank you so much Namgyal and Ri Guides!

Chloe Lim NSW, Australia